Welcome to Dimitris Anagnostou's Research Group at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology! We conduct basic research in reconfigurable antennas, microwave circuits, reconfigurable and autonomous electromagnetic devices and concepts, cognitive radio, green RF electronics with direct write and M3D meso-scale engineering, RF-MEMS and photonically reconfigurable arrays, nano-engineered materials and nano-inks for antennas and microwave circuits, engineered electromagnetic structures (metamaterials, electromagnetic bandgap materials, frequency selective surfaces), and signal propagation in tunnels.  

  *** NEW*** Research Assistant Openings, Update: 01/2014 ***

Excellent and self-motivated MSc and PhD students are always welcome to conduct research on new technologies for Antennas, Arrays, Microwave Components, Sensors and MEMS in our lab (located in EP-213). Persistence and determination for success are required. Funding opportunities may appear.
        For more info email your resume, transcripts and other documents in a single .pdf file to danagn@sdsmt DOT edu (replace DOT with . ) 


 *** NEW *** Undergraduate Assistants Openings, Update: 01/2014 ***

Undergraduate Students (CSc, EE, CENG or ME) are encouraged to get involved in a research project (it can be of their own, or something funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation or DARPA, e.g. help with programming sensors, Arduinos, RFIDs, Time-Domain-Reflectometry, work on our robotic antenna system, etc) and are always welcome in our lab (EP-213). No previous experience with electromagnetics needed! Students with good programming, math, motivation, an interest in Arduino and Xbees, and willingness to put some effort and learn are especially encouraged.
          For more info please email Prof. Anagnostou at: danagn@sdsmt DOT edu (replace DOT with .) 



        On-wafer measurement of an RF-MEMS Self-Similar Antenna 
        under RF and DC biasing conditions


We use modern equipment to fabricate and measure our own designs. We employ theory and numerical simulation in our fully-equipped research lab, as well as device and circuit design, to help define the future in Antennas and Microwaves.


We are doing exciting things, and I welcome the opportunity of sharing that excitement with you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting us and have a great day!







































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