** Full CV (PDF)**

Dimitris E. Anagnostou, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, ECE Department, SDSMT
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
IEEE Senior Member

Post-Doc, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of ECE, Atlanta, GA, 2006
Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering, UNM, Albuquerque, NM, 2005
M.Sc. Electrical & Computer Engineering, UNM, Albuquerque, NM, 2002
Diploma Electrical & Comp. Eng. (5-yr degree), DUTh, Greece, 2000

Google Scholar Citations: 734, h-index:13
Scopus Citations: 389, h-index:10


- Education: Dr. Anagnostou has dedicated a large amount of his time developing course handouts and providing excellent education to graduate and undergraduate students in the areas of Antennas, Electromagnetics, and Electric Circuits. His teaching approach is a combination of mathematical and hands-on active learning of why and how things happen versus strict memorization, and helps students build a solid foundation of knowledge that will serve them for a lifetime.

- Research: Dr. Anagnostou is a global point of reference in research on reconfigurable, autonomous and flexible antennas and arrays. He has over 80 journal and conference publications, 1 patent and 1 book chapter published, and more than 700 citacions of his work. Additional research interests include: design methods and physical principles of antennas; electrically small antennas; nobel antennas; phase-change materials and applications; radiating QR codes & barcodes for anticounterfeiting and security; metamaterial-inspired arrays, microwave/RF circuits; applied electromagnetics; RF, Energy: Paper-electronics (flexible, eco-friendly 'Green'); RF harvesters; Medical and digital image processing; Remote sensing; RF-MEMS; Artificial neural network (ANN) applications in reconfigurable systems and electromagnetics; Packaging; MHz, THz, Optical circuits and components; Direct-write; Wave propagation; DoA (Direction-of Arrival) estimation.



- DARPA Young Faculty Award

- IEEE John Kraus Antenna Award by the IEEE APS, for MEMS reconfigurable antennas

- ASEE Campus Star Award (*link*)

Students and Alumni
Dr. Xiao Ding, Visiting Fellow 2013. (now Assistant Professor, UESTC, China)
Dr. Shengwen (Kevin) Zhang, 2012-2013 (now Assoc. Professor Chem., Jiangnan U China)
Dr. Arash Rashidi, 2012 (now Post-Doc at Univ. of W-M)
Dr. RongLin Li, 2011-2012 (now Professor at S. China Univ. of Tech.)

Ph. D.: 
Mina Iskander, Graduate RA, NanoEng, SDSMT, 2011-pres
Muhannad Al-Tarrifi, Graduate RA, NanoEng, SDSMT, 2013 (now Post-Doc, UC Boulder)

Tarron Teeslink, Graduate Student, Elec. Eng., SDSMT,2013-pres
Numan Al-Mobin, Graduate Student, Elec. Eng., SDSMT,2012-pres
Akhter Hossan, Graduate Student, Elec. Eng., SDSMT,2012-pres
Ahmad A. Gheethan, M.Sc. ECE, 2009 (now at USF)

U/G and REUs: 
Peter Wang, Undergraduate RA, Summer 2014 (U.S. Navy Veteran)  
Matthew Daniel, Undergraduate RA, Summer 2014 
Mason Cover, Undergraduate RA, Spring 2011 - present (NASA EPSCOR Award)  
Sierra Rasmussen, Undergraduate RA, Summer 2013 (collab. /w J. Kellar, G. Crawford)  
Andrew Carpenter, Undergraduate RA, Spring 2011 - Dec. 2011 
Curtis Wynia, Undergraduate RA, Spring 2010 
Richard Handoko, Undergraduate RA, Fall 2009, SDSMT, 2007,
Cole Deichert, Undergraduate RA, Summer 2007, SDSMT, 2007, 

More than 80 peer-reviewed Journal and Conference Publications in various areas of interest
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