Why should I study Applied Electromagnetics?

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This semester I am teaching these courses.

Courses taught at SDSMT
(typed notes and handouts are distributed in class):

  • EE-221 Circuits II (Fall) (3-1) (*lab handouts*)
  • EE-221 Circuits II (Spring) (3-1) (*lab handouts*)
  • EE-483 Antennas for Wireless Communications (3-1)  [also EE-492/592 Topics]
  • EE-680 Advanced Electromagnetics (3-0)  [former EE-692]
  • EE-692 ST: Advanced Antenna Engineering (3-0)   [also EE-691 Indep. Study]
  • EE-692 ST: Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics(3-0)

    Co-taught courses:

  • EE-464: Senior Design I (co-taught) (2-2)
  • EE-465: Senior Design II (co-taught) (2-2)
  • EE-692: ST: Antennas and Communication Systems (co-taught) (3-1)

    Other taught lectures:

  • EE-481: Microwave Engineering (Pozar)
  • EE-4xx: RF Engineering I (RF Transistor Amplifiers) (Gonzalez)
  • EE-4xx: Radio Wave Propagation (Collin, Saunders)
  • EE-4xx: High-Frequency (HF) Measurements (Oliver & Cage)
  • EE-5xx: Wireless Communications (Mobile Telephony) (Rappaport)

    Advising courses:

  • EE-788: Master's Research Problems/Projects
  • EE-798: Thesis
  • NANO-898D: Dissertation